One day ride

One riding day during the week end or the week day is available for any riders. From the beginners to the confirmed riders.

You have never been riding or on a horse: Come! We teach you how to approach the horses, to take care of them, to be confident with them. And slowly you will be able to be and stay confident in the saddle while trail riding.

Beginners: You learn how to gain confident on your horse. We teach you also some solid riding bases.

Academic Riders : Learn to be confident in open space.

Special trainee : You would like to take a horse on your own and ride for some days. Learn how to pack a horse, drive pack horses and set up a camp with horses.

We are very close from Tbilisi. You can enjoy easily a week end day with our horses.

We will organise soon some special days for each category.

We teach in English, French, German (we will try) and Georgian (we will try to also)