One day ride

Ride one full day around the winter pastures in unexpected landscapes

Week end

2 full days riding in the desert area or over the Gombori range

Special 3 days

Once you are at ease with your horse go a bit further and explore the beautiful surroundings

6 days across Udabno

This beautiful ride leads us to some very secluded places. We start from the wintering place and ride to a first desert mountains range offering some outstanding landscapes. We explore hidden monasteries, reach the Oasis of Vaschlovani depression, ride through some farms and incredible mountains erosion.


Your wish is to be able to go on your own with your horse from 1 day to many days with your packhorse. We teach you to organise your own expedition, how to manage the horse during the night, to pack a horse, to drive a horse, set up a camp, find an itinerary.


The transhumance is the seasonal migration of our herd of horses. We drive our horses up to the Tusheti mountains in spring and bring them back on October. You can help us and be part of this beautiful adventure

Long sufficient expedition in the Great Caucasus go to

You would like to explore deeply the Tusheti region, the Azerbaijan side of the Great Caucasus mountains on a long self sufficient adventure, visit our expedition site