Audrey comes and lives in Georgia and more particularly shares her life with the Tush people since 2003. She is guiding since 2007 long sufficient trails in the Great Caucasus Mountains. She created all the itineraries from scratch, exploring with some maps and her backpack some wild Mountains area.

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Since the beginning she is working together and in partnership with the Tush people.

She is French and originally from the South Alp. Having a wanderlust she has explored some of the more isolated regions of our planet crossing on foot or horseback the mountains chain of Papua, Pamir Kyrgyz, the Carpates, a part of the Andes, the Caucasus. She also trekked through Mongolia, Patagonia and a few islands lost in the archipelago of Maluku and Celebes, Philippines, Lofoten or Australes Islands; she is equally at home in the Jordanian desert, by the Euphrates in Syria, in the fjords of New Zealand. She spent several weeks canoeing on the
Amazonian rivers in French Guyana or Surinam. In between trips she worked 3 years in South America as a space engineer and then in Germany. Since then, passionate about ethnic Caucasians and the history of
the Tush people, one of the last semi-nomads of Georgia, she decided to move to Tusheti, in the Caucasus, where she and Gia founded Caucasus Trekking Company. After a break she started again her activities from spring 2017
with some pioneering expeditions and self sufficient treks extended to the whole Southern and Northern slopes (Azerbaijan, Kabardino Balkaria). She recognized
each itinerary she offers. She guides you through amazing, remote and very secluded places, plenty of beauties with historical and ethnical interests. She also starts a trainee to become an equestrian shiatsu practitioner. She is also getting some degrees of the horsemanship diploma (La Cense Method).

This year she has built some new routes in the semi desert area. Some beautiful trails for beginners as well as advanced riders. Here under find some articles about our activities written for TV5 monde (In French), AMPASCACHI (in English),

Since years we are working together with horse riding agencies all over Europe.