Audrey Bogini, founder 

Audrey Bogini, Horseriding Georgia founder

Audrey Bogini has called Georgia home since 2003, immersing herself in the vibrant culture of the Tush people while guiding horseback trails in the picturesque Great Caucasus Mountains since 2007. Originally hailing from the South Alps in France, Audrey’s adventurous spirit has taken her to remote corners of the globe, from Papua and the Pamir Kyrgyz to the Carpathians, Andes, Mongolia, Patagonia, and beyond.

Fueled by a deep passion for the Caucasian nations and the rich history of the Tush people, Audrey moved to Tusheti and co-founded the Caucasus Trekking Company in 2006. Over time, the company expanded its horizons to include horse riding destinations in Azerbaijan and Northern Caucasus, ultimately evolving into Caucasus Expedition in 2017.

Audrey is not merely a guide; she is an artisan of unique itineraries that immerse travelers in remote and historically significant locations. Beyond her expertise in horseback trail guiding, Audrey has honed her skills as an equestrian Shiatsu practitioner and earned horsemanship diplomas from La Cense School.

In 2023, Audrey embarked on a new venture with the establishment of Horseriding Georgia. This endeavor offers captivating excursions and multi-day horseback trails departing from our ranch near Tbilisi. From the Sartichala village, both novice and experienced riders can explore stunning landscapes in the Gombori Range and Udabno semi-desert.

In her commitment to delivering unparalleled equestrian experiences, Audrey collaborates with horse riding agencies across Europe, ensuring a seamless blend of expertise and adventure for every rider.

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